Panther Charters

Come and enjoy a day’s recreational angling aboard Panther, an Offshore 2000 9m purpose-built angling boat, fitted with a 370hp Yanmar giving 20 knots cruising speed, essential for covering the miles on our offshore trips.

The boat, skippered by Mark Felton, is coded for CAT 2 (up to 60 miles) and available for charter all year, whether you are an individual or part of a larger party, maximum six.

The cost is £40 each for an inshore day (£240 for the whole boat) or £80 each for an offshore day (£480 for the whole boat), plus the cost of any bait used. There is also a small charge of £5 to hire rod and reel if you don’t have your own gear.

The inshore fishing season runs from October right through to mid May, uptiding and downtiding for many species, including bass, cod, ray, spurdog, smooth-hound and several smaller species, all depending on the time of year.

The offshore season starts around mid to end of May. On the smaller tides we aim for the wrecks that litter our coast, sometimes steaming 50 miles to find the best sport. The favoured method of fishing is with shads and we predominately catch cod, but pollack are regularly landed, the occasional ling and also the various gurnard species. Historically the wrecking season tails off by the middle of August.

On the larger tides we aim for the several sand banks that hold bass, targeting the silver fish well into October.

Again using lures, but also frozen or live eels (we fish for these, and mackerel, at slack water), we drift over the numerous rips waiting for the unmistakeable bass bite. If we’re  lucky we may pick up a turbot or brill, a real bonus, and they are appearing more and more in the fish box each year.

The EU directive put in place this January (2016), forbidding any rod caught bass being kept until 30 June and only one per angler per day after that, has understandably deterred many anglers from targeting this species, but for us it’s the ultimate sport, especially on light gear. Bearing this in mind, on our bass trips we will do our best to ensure you will return to harbour with some fish for the pot, whether mackerel, cod or the prized flatfish.